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Type :  Pneumatic butterfly valve
Product Name :  Pneumatic high-performance butterfly valve
Applications :   
  Product's description:

 The quality of high-performance butterfly valve pneumatic Germany

◇ brief
     The butterfly valve series is designed to uphold the European system, the Inter-American system, such as design standards, with a small torque, low wear, small flow resistance, long life characteristics.
     ※ MSS SP-67 and standard API609
     ※ advanced multi-seal structure to avoid contact with medium body, so the whole zero-leakage valve
     ※ advanced butterfly shape and with valve sealing performance to ensure that the whole higher, lower torque, greater flow, less flow resistance
     ※ No back design ensures that the valve does not increase after the installation of torque
     Leakage of this valve ※ O at the same time, torque and light; the current water treatment, cleaning machine, ash handling, and other industries use very good.

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